Guess what?!

Well, I haven’t written in quite a while. But, I am writing this post from my new iPod Touch! I absolutely love it! It is the greatest toy!

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Early Christmas Present…

I bought myself an early Christmas present.  I bought myself a Little Meggie Kick Spindle.  I absolutely love her.  She is amazing for the price of her.  She works great!  Isn’t she pretty??


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Another One Done!

YAY!  I finished another Christmas present today!  It is a Calorimetry headband in Malabrigo Seleccion Privada colorway “R”,  another gift from my best friend,  Lisa.  Came out very nice!  I cast on 100 stitches instead on the 120 it called for.  And I only did 12 rows of the Row 5 repeat.   Not quite sure who to give this to though.

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I admit it!

I have been neglecting my blog.  For that,  I apologize.  I just have been going nutz trying to figure out Christmas presents for everyone.  Once again,  I waited until almost the last minute,  and I feel rushed once again. 


I finished a pair of Fetching’s for myself.  They only took a couple of days to make.  I used Malabrigo Worsted yarn in the Sauterne colorway.  The yarn was a gift from my best friend,  Lisa.  I love them!  I think they came out quite nice!


And with the leftover part of the skein,  I managed to make my MIL a pair for Christmas.  I started these yesterday,  and finished them up today!  I hope she is happy with them!

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Mystery Stole 4 Clue 1 Completed!

Well,  1 week after I started the Mystery Stole 4,  I completed clue 1 on the first half of it!  Clue 2 was released last Friday,  the 12th.  It is my first beaded lace project,  and I think it is coming out beautifully.  I don’t think the picture does it justice.

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Busy Weekend!

Well, this weekend sucked like HELL! Saturday, my MIL came up for the day. Needless to say, we were going ALL DAMN DAY! That woman never takes a break! Then Sunday, my MIL and FIL came up! WTF! 2 whole days of in-laws!! We went to Chicken Wing Festival on Sunday. Hey, what can I say, I live in Buffalo, NY. HOME OF THE CHICKEN WING!! The only thing that was kinda cool, was at the wing festival I won a $5 free play for our local casino. I went and won $100 from the $5! YAY!

Trying to get the kids ready for school tomorrow! YAY! They just cannot seem to grasp the concept that Mommy’s vacation starts tomorrow! LOL

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Well, I decided what I am going to do for Christmas presents this year. As long as life goes as planned, and well, we all KNOW that happens! LOL Anyway, I am going to knit up, and crochet up, a BUNCH of lace scarves, shawls, and my bed dolls. Then, I am going to figure out who will get what! That way, I can work on what is enjoyable for me, (WOW! What a concept!!!), and all the In-Laws will get something handmade. I just hope they don’t try to trade what I give them because they like “X” better!

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Got A Green!

I got 2 green eggs! As you can tell from my wish list, I am getting them!! Slowly, but surely!

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Scored Another Red!

YAY!! I scored another couple of red egg!s!!

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And Now Introducing…

My first Grandbaby! YAY!! I bred Giso(my Skywing) with Dubious(my orange) and got this beautiful Skywing!

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